Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Napping rut!

I've found that I really need to ditch this whole napping when I get home from work thing that I'm stuck in. Basically, I'll come home and do a little tidying up when I get incredibly tired. Naturally, I lay down on the couch...and then I end up sleeping. Usually between 5 and 6, but today I slept longer...till almost 7:00. Now it is 11:40 PM and I am wide awake while I should be in my cozy bed snoozing away.

Technically, I am in my cozy bed. I am not snoozing away, though. I'm typing this blog post instead. lol

Tonight I did some ironing that needed done. Do you iron anything? I try not to, but some of our pants and hubby's church shirts really do need to be ironed or we walk into work or church looking like we're Boxcar Willy or something. lol

I'm both pleased and saddened to report that our mouse has been "taken care of". lol I didn't see it, but hubby emptied the trap this morning. We've had no other victims yet. Time will tell if he was a loner or a family mouse.

I watched the Chrissa American Girl movie on You Tube tonight. It was really cute. I recognized the teacher immediately, but I couldn't place from where. At the end of the film, I caught his name in the credits, so I typed it into Yahoo and found out where I knew him from-- he used to be on a show I loved as a kid called SeaQuest, DSV. The show was...well, honestly SeaQuest was great for kids. As an adult, not so great. I think you know what I mean. It was on Sunday nights when I was about 13. I thought Jonathan Brandis was the bees knees! lol

This has been quite a week at the office. I think it's sort of showing in the lack of amount of stuff I've gotten done at home. Our servers were switched from Portland, Oregon to where are new headquarters in in Herndon, VA. Oh my. Talk about a pain in the neck. Today I was finally able to do most of the things that I normally do. Our poor IT guy is running around trying to fix everyone's computer since everyone has something wrong with theirs. A smooth transition it was not. Perhaps that is why I'm napping this week. I'm exhausted!

I am starting to think about autumn already. It's only the middle of July and I'm thinking about cool, crisp nights, big harvest moons, apples, pumpkins, and the like!

Do you start Christmas shopping early, or do you wait till closer to the season? Pretty much as soon as they start rolling out the warmer weather clothing, I start buying. We're not like destitute or anything, but we're certainly not swimming in wealth, either. If I start early and buy now, I can get most of it taken care of so that when we need all the odds and ends and stuff I forgot, it's not such a big deal. Just make a list of the people you buy for and start jotting down ideas. Keep it in your purse. When you're in the store, take a look around and see if there's anything you like (on sale is better yet) for those people.

I hope that today was a good day for you. Mine wasn't too bad. It was just sort of okay. I think it's very easy to get caught up in the "eh" days. Each day that we are here is an opportunity to learn and grow and get closer to God. Whether we take that opportunity or not remains to be seen. I'm afraid I didn't do all that well today. My mind was a million miles away. I did listen the Bible today at CBN, but other than that, I don't believe I've prayed much today. I will be sure and remedy that as soon as I am done posting. I will say a prayer for you, too, my friend and reader. Take care of yourself. :)


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