Sunday, July 10, 2011

Late night blogging

Well, despite whatever time the bottom of this post informs you that it is, allow me to assure you that it is rather late. 12:54 AM to be exact...making this post technically a Sunday post, however, I'm still awake from Saturday, so I'll stick with it being a late evening Saturday post.

Hubby and I just got home from night fishing up at a local park called Montour Preserve. We didn't have a whole heck of a lot of success fishing and his truck's transmission is slowly dying, so I was a nervous wreck going there, sitting in the boat, and then going home. The transmission slips going into certain gears. It leaves my heart in my throat every time. I feel that we shouldn't be driving it at all right now, but hubby assures me that even though it slips, we will make it there and back just fine. I refuse to believe him. lol

In all seriousness, though, I have such a hard time with trust. God wants us to trust Him. He wants us to not worry so much about our day to day lives. When we were in the boat, he even showed me an example.

There is a coal burning power plant close to the park- you can see the big cooling towers as well as the big smoke stack with the scrubber on it. There are 2 towers and 1 stack. One of the towers had steam rising out of it, the lights lit merrily, and the stack beside it was also busy chugging out steam. The tower on the left was cold, dark, and didn't have any steam coming out of it. It's parts were all there. It had the ability to function. But it wasn't! I saw myself in that tower- and you might be able to, too! God gives each of us gifts...the scrubber and the tower were using their gifts and working perfectly. The other tower...well he was afraid. "What if I don't do this right? What if I don't cool the water the right way? What will people think of me? How can I deal with that humiliation? No, I'd better not try."

Do you see the point here? If that tower was running, more electricity could be generated...more people would have something valuable in their lives. The same is true for you and I. Get out there and use those gifts that God has so richly blessed you with. You just need to trust that He will guide you and show you the proper way to use them. Pray for guidance. Actually...just pray for any and everything. God loves hearing from you. He loves you so much. :)

Well, I suppose that's all for tonight. I feel like I was supposed to write this post, however awkward it may have sounded. I hope that it will be of help to someone out there.

Good evening and have a blessed night everyone! :)


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