Thursday, May 17, 2012

Finally...a new post

Well friends, it's been quite some time since my last post. Here's what's been happening since my last post: I felt better about 2 days after my last post. I knew I would. I just needed to give it a little time. It's funny how things work like that. April wasn't all that eventful. I turned 33 on the 24th of the 25th, I was sick with a 104 degree fever. For the next week, I endured a very depleting flu. I am still so very glad to be done and over with that. Last week, we went on vacation with our friends Josh and Renee. We visited north western Pennsylvania. Some of the highlights included a trip to Lake Erie, feeding the fish at the Linesville Spillway, having frozen custard at Hank's in Meadville, and spending a lot of time fishing. It was a very nice vacation- relaxing and quiet. Since returning home, I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. Tomorrow will be Friday and I couldn't be happier. Work is starting to get very busy with it getting close to graduation time, and I will be incredibly glad when it is over. We have put down a deposit on Anderson Coach and Tour vacation and I am so excited to go! Our trip isn't until the end of October, but it doesn't matter- I'm excited! The thought of not having to worry about directions, car troubles, being somewhere at a certain time, having a hotel reservation, and a million other little things, makes this a vacation where I feel like I can truly relax and just enjoy our vacation. No need for worrying! This weekend our little community is having a town-wide yard sale. Hubby and I were originally going to fly the coop, so to speak, in order to stay away from the chaos, but since he found out our friends were coming down, we've decided to stay and check out the bargains. Who knows what we will find? Hopefully not too much, because I'm trying to downsize, not acquire more stuff! This is the first day this week that I haven't taken a nap. I have been so sleepy all week, and it's because I've taken an hour nap on the couch around 6:00, then I am unable to fall asleep at 10:30 or 11:00 and lie awake for a few hours before I can doze off. Below, I'm posting a few pictures from our vacation:
Kinzua Viaduct "Sky Walk"
Picture of the cabin we rented
A view of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon
Another view from the PA Grand Canyon
Entrance to the Leonard Harrison State Park (PA Grand Canyon) views
My hubby and I enjoying some time together
Well, that's just a few of the many many MANY pictures that were taken during the past week. It was an amazing time. I don't think there's anything cooler than being out in God's creation. I love the outdoors! My prayer for you this week, reader, is that God draws you closer to Him. Have a great day! Till the next time we meet (which, hopefully won't be another month) Mandy :)