Thursday, August 28, 2014

Savoring the summer

Howdy everyone! 

I hope you're all doing well and are enjoying the last bit of summer. 

My husband and I have been quite busy this summer, and have really been enjoying all the fun things that summer has to offer. 

We went camping in the Adirondacks a few weeks ago and had a really nice time.  I got sick, so I wasn't able to camp the whole time like we planned, but we made it work. 
At the Adirondack Museum-  Blue Mountain Lake in the background 
The Adirondack museum was really neat.  It is a huge set of buildings that cover everything from logging, ice production, furniture, camps, fishing, boating, you name it!  It is well worth the admission price to go and see all the amazing exhibits.  Plus you can sit in a huge adirondack style chair and get your picture taken! 

Getting out of that chair wasn't easy!  

How would you like to stay in an turn of the century "fishing camp" for millionaires? 

A wealthy man's fishing retreat from days gone by
There were so many displays to enjoy we nearly stayed there the whole day!  Our friends Josh and Renee accompanied us to the museum and it was nice being able to go check out the sites with friends. 

My husband pulled our boat up with us and he did get to fish a few times, although probably not as much as he would have liked.  He loves to fish! 

Our boat at Lake Durant
We also made a visit to the Wild center in Tupper Lake, New York.  It was really neat , although it was incredibly busy.  The staff said that we came on the busiest day they've ever had! 

The Wild Center
We enjoyed great times together since there were 9 of us total who went.  I had issues with my asthma as well as with my allergies from the cold, damp, and humid conditions.  It was difficult having to tell my husband we'd need to get a motel room, but I truly didn't want to chance ending up in the hospital.  My hubby was wonderful and told me it wasn't my fault and we got our own little motel room, about 8 miles from where we were camping.  It was clean and nice and I spent a good amount of time resting in bed.  I was feeling much better by the time we left on Friday- still not well, but I could breathe without using my inhaler every couple hours, which was nice. 

Buttermilk Falls
Anywhoo, we made it up and back safely and despite the illness, we did manage to have a nice time together. 

Now that fall is on the way, I will really try to do a better job of keeping my posts more regular.