Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Look!!

Well, I can't be shy about this because I'm thrilled that I finally took the time to learn how to do it- my blog is finally pretty!! Woohoo!

Do you know, reader, how long I have wished my blog looked nice? Since I started it...before that, even, since I used to blog with brave journal and I really couldn't change much.

I actually just spent some time reading through my old journal. I was a lot more entertaining then. lol I guess I'm old and stuffy now, compared to 2005-2009.

Here's one of the last things I blogged about (talking about different types of blogs I had found and how mine wasn't quite like any of them...which is still true today!).
November, 2009

"I'm not cheap enough for the frugal blogs (and I am cheap...I just don't paint toilet paper tubes and fill them with candy as Christmas presents...because that is ridiculous)."

Yes. I'm still not cheap enough to do that- not that I'm judging you if you're saving your Charmin tubes. lol!

MASH is on right now. I have no idea what is going on, but Radar is carrying a girl through this field. Looks like she's sick or hurt or something. Now Hawkeye is driving her back (I assume to MASH).

I made something new for supper tonight- pizza chicken rollups. It was in a Taste Of Home's Quick Cooking magazine and I have to say- it was easy and really good. Just take 4 chicken breasts, pound them out to about 1/4 inch thick, throw a few pieces of pepperoni on them, then put a slice of mozzarella cheese on them, roll em up, fasten with a toothpick and top them with pizza sauce. Bake at 350 for 40 minutes (covered with foil) then uncover and put more cheese on top. Bake another 10 minutes or so, till the cheese is nice and melty.

I served mine with a spinach salad. It really wasn't hard to make. Pounding out chicken is always a pain in the rear, but hey, it produced delicious results.

I just picked up an old cross stitch project the other day- it has been a very long time since I've taken the time to work on any kind of needlework at all. However, I'm happy to be back at it. It's a nice cozy activity during these winter months. I still hope to piece together a quilt someday. Maybe. We shall see. I just have this feeling that I'd make the top and then lose interest.

I really sort of rambled off topic. Are you surprised?? lol You shouldn't be!

At any rate, to wrap things up, I am so glad to have you here, reading my blog and I hope that you enjoy the new look!

Have a great night everyone!


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  1. Love the new back ground and header!

    So pretty!


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