Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What a lousy day!

Well friends, I try to stay pretty positive on here- after all, I love being a wife and I love taking care of my hubby! But I have to say- I am in a terrible, rotten, no-good, unhappy, unloved, unwanted, mood tonight.

Do you get days like this, too? When you feel like, "I'll never accomplish anything, no one will ever take notice of me, and if they do, it'll be because I've failed somehow?" I do. Every now and again. I know it will go away- it does. It's a miserable feeling when you're dealing with it though.

At times like this, I just try to pray for love, compassion, and understanding. I don't know that there's much else you can do! lol

So, if you're sitting out there, feeling the same way...I'm sorry! Have a hug on the house and know that it will pass. These negative feelings are temporary and they are untrue.

You ARE loved, you are cared about, and you are important.

So, if you're having a rough day, you're not alone and you'll be feeling better soon. (And if you're not, for heaven's sakes, see your doctor! Life is too short to be sad and miserable feeling for more than a few days at a time. They have medicines that can help!)

So, here's hoping that the next time I post, I'll be feeling more like myself and less like this lump of useless nothingness. lol

Bless all of you, friends. Take care of yourselves!



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