Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Days

Hello all! It's been several days since my last post, so I decided it's probably about time to give an update!

We visited my mom and dad last weekend and had a grand time out in Western PA. I miss it out there lots. People out here don't understand that although this part of the state isn't urban, it is most assuredly not "the country" either. I have to laugh when people complain that there's nothing to do around here. I wonder how bored they would be living in Crawford County. lol

There's nothing like being at home- sitting on the deck and listening to Amish horse and buggies go by, or an occasional car. The wind rustles the leaves and the birds flit from tree to tree. My mom noted to me the other day that she has a regular little bird visitor that is a dapper fellow...he perches on the edge of a branch and hops impatiently, waiting for a bug. She loves listening to the "snap" of his beak when he gets a tasty insect. I live on a quiet street, but I couldn't hear the snapping of a bird's beak here- it's a different kind of quiet.

I'm not sure what insects are out this time of the year, but I love, love, love driving past fields in the evening- the bugs are all chirping, humming, or singing together which creates one of the nicest sounds I've ever had the pleasure to hear. It just reminds me of being young and sitting on the edge of the bed, looking out the window and listening to that same sound in the field right beside my parent's house. Oh do I miss those days!

Tonight, sitting in my room, I am listening to the hum of the fan. It occasionally buzzes, since it's on the older side. I can't really hear much else. I'm sure there would be a few crickets outside, if I were to turn off the fan. Not those field bugs, though! I wish I knew their names. I feel quite uneducated calling them "field bugs". lol

Mom made chicken on the grill (we call it Dippy Chicken- it's a type of southern BBQ sauce that goes on top- and you serve it on the side for dipping) as well as linguine salad, potato salad, and baked beans. It was perfect summer fare!

At any rate, it was a very pleasant weekend. The 5 hour drive home wasn't quite as pleasant, but it was tolerable! lol

My busyness for this week is over (I hope). I threw a baby shower at work today for my friend Kristin who is due in September. It was a pretty nice time- definitely worth all the stress. I think she got a lot of great items for Liam (the new baby's name) and lots of practical stuff, too. We had a potluck as well, entitled "Appetizers in August" which was fun. It was odd eating an entire meal of finger food, but no one complained because it was all so tasty! There was cake and soda as well. We ate well.

The past couple days I've been feeling kind of down in the dumps. Tonight isn't so bad, but earlier I was really feeling grouchy and sad. I took a walk and it did help some. It is frustrating being away from my husband day after day. I mean, we live in the same house, but since he works when I'm at home and I work when he's at home, we see each other only on the weekends. I don't really go out anywhere without him, so I basically work, come home, cook, clean, go to bed, and then wake up and do it all over again. Can you see how the monotony would get tiresome?

At any rate, we've only got Thursday and Friday to wait through, then it'll be the weekend again! Woohoo!

I hope your week is going well. I know a lot of folks are still having very hot, humid, and dry weather. Keeping you guys in my prayers- I do not like incredibly hot weather. It just sucks the life right outta me!

Oh, and as you can see, that cucumber did not kill me. It did leave a bad taste in my mouth for quite awhile, though...even after brushing my teeth! lol!

Have a great night, and bless you all!


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