Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer is on its way!

Are you shocked to see a new post? 

Frankly, I am a little shocked that it took me so long to get on the ball and write a new one. 

It was a long, cold, kind of miserable winter in Pennsylvania, and after shoveling snow, driving on slippery roads, and bundling up, I am so so glad that it's nearly summertime! 

The leaves are on the trees, the pollen is flying through the air, and Loratadine is my bestest friend!  lol

Since posting last, here's what we have been up to...


Visiting family


And naturally, fishing

Most all of these things are possible because...*drumroll, please* we got a new car in February! 

The poor Lumina was having a lot of problems.  We put 900 dollars into the engine in January and I was not confident of it's ability to keep on keeping on like I needed it to.  We decided to use some of the money from our income tax return and purchase a newer vehicle. 

Meet our new (to us) 2013 Impala: 

Uh, clearly this picture was taken in the winter.  We had the snowiest winter on record that was a lot of fun.  We worked literally for a few hours on clearing this space to park the new car once we got it.  lol  The snow was piled in big heaps all around the house! 

I love my new car.  It is comfortable, reliable, and it's got a 3.6 which equals a lot of peppy acceleration.  Not that I'm a fast, but still, if I needed it, it's there to use! 

So, that's sort of a quick catch up of what the husband and myself have been up to.  In addition, I've learned to crochet, which is pretty fun.  I'm working on making a blanket to keep us toasty this winter.  

The weekend after Easter, hubby and I were baptized in our church.  It was a wonderful and amazing experience that neither of us will forget.  Praise God!!  :) 

Tomorrow is my hubby's 40th birthday, so I am looking forward to giving him a few little things and spending the day fishing with him on Rose Valley Lake (his birthday request.).

I will try to post with quite a bit more regularity!



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